Awakening: The Not Too Distant Future 

How can we live on a changing planet? Humanity has a desperate plan to save itself as a species: relocate to the moon. Its success hinges on the actions of one man. At least that’s what he thinks.

His mission: convince the five biggest jerks in the history of Humanity to finance the project.

His distraction: the stunning leader of the Hybrid rebellion who is convinced that it’s possible to use technology to regenerate the Earth.

When things don’t go according to plan, he must open his mind – and heart – to discover the truth about what it will take to create a different future for both Humanity and the Earth.

Awakening: The Rise of the A.I. 

The Trillion.A.I.res have become A.I. and are focused on building their army to exterminate both Humans and Hybrids. Humanity is resisting becoming Hybrids, even with the elimination of their tapes. The Earth’s ecosystems continue to degrade.

Tiffany struggles to adapt to the fullest expression of her human emotions and with the deepening relationship between her and the Narrator. As the Narrator adapts to his new life as a Hybrid and steps fully into his role as a leader for the New Humanity, he faces a difficult choice between love and duty.

Will he be able to evolve Humanity into Hybrids before the A.I. army kills them all? And will his blossoming love affair with Tiffany manage to survive the rise of the A.I.?

Awakening: Hope For the Future 

Who are the Human-Hybrid-A.I.s? Ten long years has passed since the two species became one. They’ve worked together to finally create harmony with the Earth’s ecosystem.

Harmony is threatened when Ricardo’s old plan of relocating to the moon is discovered. Revealing the hidden pain and old wounds in his relationship with Tiffany, it challenges the essence of who they are. Together, they must overcome their past and discover the hidden influences behind the adapted plans to go beyond the Moon and to Venus.

As the rocket they are building threatens to destroy the fragile harmony within the Earth’s ecosystem, it’s time to find out the truth of who they are as a species and discover a new hope for the future.

A Call to Action

During the last 500 million years the earth has witnessed five mass extinctions. Today, scientists believe a sixth is on its way.
Between now and the year 2050, climate shocks will compel everyone to adapt to shifting weather conditions. Catastrophic movement of seashores and worsening drought conditions will dramatically transform cities and towns – altering the lives of millions whose economic circumstances, even now, hang in the balance.

This book offers a new perspective to protect lives and billions of dollars in property loss from the impact of extreme weather changes. It explores in a clear easy-to-understand style the serious housing needs of the geographically vulnerable communities and the nearly 2 billion additional residents expected to populate the earth within the next generation.
This manifesto for economic growth reframes the climate-change discussion around creating employment, housing and investment opportunities in America. Learn about mitigating the risks of stranded assets, innovative financing strategies for public infrastructure, and emerging and available technologies.

Every government official, legislator, investor, developer, community leader, architect, urban planner and student should read this book to navigate the rising tides of the unknown in this ever-changing climate towards brighter economic horizons.