The establishment, building and repurposing activities connected with starting these sustainable, resilient communities will be powerful catalysts for economic development, generate a significant number of jobs and open opportunities for utilizing technology and innovation.

Eric Kaufman & Joaquin F. Matias: A Call to Action

Working With Me

I offer tailored consulting to entrepreneurs looking to finance, establish and scale their visions for sustainable and resilient communities so they can turn their idea into implementation.

I worked for thirty-three years as a real estate broker, investor, contractor and developer of commercial (office, retail, hotel, industrial, multi-family) real estate valued at approximately $1 billion.

Practical Knowledge

As part of this journey, I oversaw the conversation of 1100 apartments in New York and New Jersey into co-operatives and condominiums through the Creative Capital Group, which I established with my mother, Joan.

I was the Senior Managing Director at the real estate banking firm, The Carlton Group in the 1990’s.

Visionary Thinking

During the early days of the Internet, I also launched WorldWide Network Magazine as a B2B and B2C link.  By 1992, I had incorporated into the magazine a computer bulletin board known as Global Electronic Marketplace (GEM), which was a forerunner to Google, AOL and eBay.

Through this, I learned how important it is to “time the market” with innovative concepts

I combine all this experience with my knowledge and understanding from A Call to Action into strategic development for those looking to create or scale sustainable and resilient communities.

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