What will it take for humanity to create sustainable and resilient communities?

I first learned of the concept of “climate resilience” in September 2012 during an American Institute of Architects event in Manhattan.

The deadliest and most destructive hurricane in 2012, Superstorm Sandy, helped me see exactly how humanity needs to adapt to the Earth’s changing climate – and what happens if we don’t.

A Change of Direction

Inspired by this event, I established The Natural Resilience Foundation as a 501(c) (3) publish charity in 2013 to advocate for and help develop financing strategies to safeguard life, real estate and critical infrastructure from the effects of extreme weather patterns.

It will be the Millennial and Post-Millennial Generations – a span of some five decades – who will be experiencing and living in these very changed circumstances.

Creating a Legacy

By starting the conversation now, I hope to help those who will live on long after my death, to ready themselves for the effects of climate change, slow it down and develop contingency strategies such as establishing relocation cities and communities.

My keynotes and workshops can be adapted to any audience and delivered in one-hour, half-day or day formats depending on your needs.

Speaking & Workshop Themes

The Evolution of Humanity

Builds upon the themes in the Awakening Trilogy.

Understand the necessary practices that help us become resilient and sustainable as human beings.

Realize how these can help usher in a new era of peace and prosperity for all life on Earth as we become sustainable humans creating sustainable communities.

Creating Sustainable, Resilient Communities

Builds upon the ideas expressed in A Call to Action.

Explore the current economic, political, psychological and sociological systems that are slowing down our capacity for large-scale action.

Identify how we can collectively overcome these to create sustainable and resilient communities for our future.

Harmonizing Technology and Nature

Builds upon the theme in the Awakening Trilogy.

Investigate the truth about technology and how it’s essential to help us create sustainable and resilient humans, communities and a sustainable and resilient world.

Explore the pitfalls and dangers of technology and how we can overcome these as we move towards the singularity.

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